Get responses to frequently asked questions about Venturi, our products and services.

Is there a charge to register on the website?

No, the platform is free to access, use and explore. Venturi offers a range of paid for services such market reviews and technology assessments but use of the web platform is free.

What role in general can registration play in assisting in developing/commercialising a technology?

Only registered companies can receive Venturi services. These services allow you access to technical experts at WRc and Arup who have experience in developing and commercialising technology in the water industry.

What is included with the 'Free Entry'?

This is the default level for technologies or services submitted to the Venturi portal without supporting evidence. These technologies or services may still be highly innovative and align with industry needs. There is no cost for a company to post their product or service on the Venturi portal. Any performance claims will need to be verified. You can contact us on enquiries@venturiportal.com if you have any queries.

How can I showcase my technology or service on the Venturi Portal?

You can contact us on enquiries@venturiportal.com with summary of your technology or service and your contact details.

Do you provide any support to companies other than showcasing their technologies?

Yes, Venturi offers a range of support services for companies by experts at WRc and Arup. We offer assessment packages at five different levels tailored to suit your needs and the maturity of the technology and solutions. These service levels are 'New Entry', 'Bronze', 'Silver', 'Gold', and 'Platinum'.

How can one company register a few technologies, addressing various needs?

A different technology entry form is needed for each solution; the name of the company will be listed as part of the entry. These will then be assigned to the need which they fit.

Is there a limit on registration forms that can be sent from one company?

No, you can send as many applications as you like; however Venturi may not select all of them. The technologies deemed to be the most innovative will be selected to go onto the platform. We recommend selecting your best solution, or a solution which meets a need on the website, to showcase. The scheme includes pre-assessment, due diligence and piloting stages managed by industry experts from the supply chain and accredited third party validators.

How can I engage with a technology company of interest?

You can contact them directly; company website details are provided on the company entries. You can also request that we facilitate contact if you require.

What can I do after registering to the website?

After registering you will be able to suggest entry of your technology or service. These suggested entries will be published after review by Venturi experts in Arup and WRc.

What are the benefits of registering a technology on the website?

The benefit is being able to freely showcase your technology to the water industry and having access to what their needs are so you can better align your product to the industry. Venturi matches solutions to needs so it makes it simple to find related solutions and means your technology will be seen by people who are interested.

Do you provide funding opportunities / routes to assist in developing / commercialising a technology?

Venturi does not currently provide direct funding for development / commercialisation but Venturi does offer services which can assist with these. We have links with funding bodies and venture capital firms that can provide these funding streams.

Does Venturi take any income from technology entries on the website?

No, the Venturi Team does not take any income from technology entries on the website. The aim of Venturi is to be a technology facilitation platform, assisting in the adoption of new technologies.