Technology insights, solutions and sector needs

How Venturi can help you

So why Venturi?

The innovation challenge

Globally there are pockets of world-class expertise in the water sector, however, a lack of innovation activity exists because of:

  • Limited access to independent testing beds, validation and demonstration platforms,
  • An R&D led approach (versus a market pull approach),
  • Lack of legal certainty, generating insecurity/a highly conservative risk management approach, at utility level
  • Lack of confidence in the finance and investment world that lacks the evidence to venture into water and other clean technology

Venturi is based on a market need to address innovation gaps, barriers to adoption and a need to build confidence via independent advice and technology verification.


How can Venturi help the water sector?

  • Venturi is a collaboration between Arup and WRc which helps innovative products and services to get to market quickly, giving buyers and investors the confidence to select the best solutions.
  • Venturi provides a unique platform for creating a continuum of faster technology development.
  • Venturi is designed to offer the market a new vehicle to speed up innovation adoption in the UK water sector by providing an end-to-end identification, evaluation and implementation scheme.
  • Our clients can capitalise on our combined technical knowledge and extensive networks to address their current and future challenges.
  • Through Venturi, Innovators (technology and services) can showcase their cutting-edge solutions
  • The potential users of the innovative solutions can rely on the independent review of technical performance of these solutions.
  • The Venturi portal is a point of access for clean technology Investors, who can find a reliable independent advisor to assess their ventures.

How can Venturi help you?

Venturi helps innovative products and services – those with the potential to tackle the water sector’s major challenges – get to market quickly.

As well as free access to our web platform for technology companies and water sector organisations, we offer a range of paid-for services such as market reviews and technology assessments.

Technology Companies:

  • Check your technology’s potential with a market feasibility study
  • Get office space for initial operations, including in-house expertise
  • Validate your product through independent testing and trials – including with potential end users
  • Access expertise for feasibility studies, engineering design and product development
  • Promote your solution through an advertising campaign.

Technology buyers and users:

  • Access a database of innovative solutions matched to your needs
  • Reduce risk by viewing screened solutions, with only the best selected for trials
  • Reduce costs associated with trialling, with optional funding pooling available
  • Enjoy greater implementation success thanks to our expert input.