Wet Networks Wednesday 15 November 2017 – Liquidity

Arup and Pinsent Masons hosted another successful Wet Networks event, titled ‘Liquidity’ at the Pinsent Masons building in London.

The Wet Network series aims to provide a platform for water technology companies and entrepreneurs to share their ideas with water industry leaders and potential investors.  The ideas and feedback gained during these events will help deliver growth and innovation to the industry as a whole.

One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation from Mike Wilson of Intelligent Gels, a Scottish based company specialising in the innovation development and application of biodegradable gels into the water sector.

Mike’s captivating speech highlighted how their expanding innovative and gel portfolio can be applied to removing sediments and materials from pipeline systems, such as Iron, Manganese in drinking water pipelines through to stones, sand, grit or other undesirables in sewer systems.

Innovations and technologies presented at this event included:

  • Douglas Wilton, Tecta-PDS
  • Samantha Warren-Mant, Halcyan Water Conditioners
  • William Hendrie, Avon Water Systems
  • Matt Wilson, Intelligent Gels
  • University of Salford, Dr Blake Prime & Nick Hawkins.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Wet Networks series or further details of the presenters from this event please contact:

Martin Shouler, Associate Director E: martin.shouler@arup.com

Zeinab Abdallah, Wet Networks Coordinator  E: Zeinab.Abdallah@arup.com

Or email: wetnetworks@arup.com.

Our next event – 14th March

Our next London Wet Networks event 'Flowetry' will be held on Wednesday 14th March 2018. For further event information, please access the event brochure here.

 We will also be launching our first Wet Network event in the West Midlands. The date for this is currently 16th May. If you would like to receive further information please email: wetnetworks@arup.com.

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