Largest independent trial of on-line wastewater phosphorus monitors

Dec 19, 2018

In response to the introduction of stricter wastewater phosphorus consents, the UK water industry has a large number of phosphorous schemes planned for AMP7. Selection of the most appropriate phosphorus monitoring technology is important if the balance between compliance and cost is to be achieved for these schemes.

The performance, cost of ownership and potential savings associated with the use of different monitoring options i.e. ortho-phosphate, total phosphorus or novel surrogate methods, is not fully understood. As a result, water companies risk investing in inappropriate solutions with direct impact on costs and compliance.  

The WRc run Instrument User Group (IUG) has discussed collaborating on a trial of on-line wastewater phosphorous monitors to allow best possible instrument selection for different applications and known site conditions. A WRc project has been developed to address these needs and provide robust information and data on the level of performance and total cost of ownership of the available monitors so that informed investment decisions can be made on this technology.

It is envisaged that a large group of UK water companies will collaborate on this project and, as a result, the supply chain will see this as an important investment in terms of supplying equipment and engaging with the project team. Servitech International Ltd will form part of the project team undertaking the on-site maintenance and referencing activity.

For further information on this trial either as a Water Company participant or a supplier of equipment for inclusion in the trial please contact with Leo Carswell

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